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Spellbound – Part 1


1 – Opening the book

I’m going to cast a spell.

Don’t be afraid!

This book will be my incantation, the words will set my spell in motion and as you read, you’ll set it free.

Are you ready? Just take a deep breath. Come closer and look at the picture… Do you see the street light? That’s it, on the corner. Now come closer still and turn the corner into the cobbled road. Do you see the doorway ahead? Keep coming closer…

There! You made it. It was as easy as turning the page wasn’t it? I’m so glad you could be here. Dust yourself off, my love. Old books have that smell, don’t they? Where did you find me? I hope it was an old bookshop with a creaking floor and a fat cat in the corner.

The first thing we must do is cast a circle. You’re thinking of that movie aren’t you? It’s just sage and walking anti-clockwise really. Oh, and calling the quarters. Just be still and clear your mind. There! Now that we’ve done that; step inside and I’ll light the candles. It’s ok,  I’ve lit the fire for you. Would you like a hot drink? Maybe a blanket? Settle in my love. Pull up your chair.

I should first introduce myself to you my dear reader! We’re going to get to know each other very well I think, you’re my co-creatrix after all. My name is Bea (short for Beatrix) and when I look in the mirror above the fire I see grey eyes, pale skin and dark half moons underneath those eyes. I’m tired. I wear black usually, and my fringe is in my eyes so I push it to the side. My hair is dark too –  almost black, do you see? – and it hangs nearly to my waist. My nails and lips are red and I wear star and moon earrings. Do I look like a witch? I expect so. What do you see when you look at me? I’ll appear however you’ve created me in your mind. The imagination is a wonderful thing, is it not? And yours must be extra special, because you’ve found me. Am I a young and beautiful sorceress with a crystal ball, or an aged crone with a staff? Indulge me. Make me beautiful.

You’ll want to know where I live, where you are. I kept that secret on purpose but it’s an ancient city. Could you tell from the picture? She’s an old grey lady with rooftops and mist and a volcano. You’ll like it. She’s perpetually dark in the depths of winter, when history peers at you from around every corner; and in summer she’s ablaze with soft light until late in the evening. I love her. She has winding streets, cobbles, and a magical castle. My flat is tiny – a garret really – but I like that idea. A creative soul starving in a garret for my art. But I don’t create anymore. More of that later. Back to my flat. Has my spell been strong enough to show it to you, or have you imagined it? It’s on one of those winding streets with cobbles and it you must climb four flights of steep stairs to reach my front door. A purple door means a witch lives inside. When you need to come back, that’s how to find me. Take the winding road with the cobbles right to the end, climb the stairs and look for the purple door. I’ve left it on the latch for you so come right in. The fire is lit.

I want you to be comfortable, you see.

Now, it’s Samhain tonight; thats why you found me my clever one. Maybe you call it Halloween? Theres more magic in the air. They say that the veil between the worlds is thinnest on this day, do you feel it? Thats what drew you.  I like to think of it as a whisper. A gentle whoosh close to your ear sending that shiver up your spine. You know it, I can see. Thats them reminding you that they’re close. The travel has tired you I think, you’re stifling a yawn. You’re not afraid though? Good. Lean back in your chair and watch the fire. Let your eyes close. Shall I tell you a story? Rest and listen dear heart.

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