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Moon Gazing

Welcome to Moonlight and Manifesting

Welcome to Moonlight and Manifesting. I’m Sara, and I’m a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher, workshop facilitator, spiritual student and Intentional Living Coach. It’s my joy to help you create the life you want through the practice of living less out of habit and more out of intent.

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Witch Crafts – How to make a New Moon Body Scrub

Scorpio is a water sign – and salt has been used for clearing negative energy for hundreds of years – so the idea of symbolically cleansing away anything that no longer serving us in a new moon ritual shower or bath seemed perfect for the November workshop. To make yours, you’ll need: A pretty jar with a lid Coconut Oil Epsom Salts (we used lavender scented) Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt (we used a mixture of both) A few drops of your favourite essential oil To make: In a b

New Moon in Scorpio Yoga and Intention Setting Workshop

Our group of 11 came together on 11/11 to journal, set intentions and move through a wonderful yoga practice (led by Joanna of Shine On Yoga) under the new moon in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is that of transformation. It’s powerful energy that isn’t afraid to show us our shadow. Joanna’s yoga practice explored the 7 energetic vibrations and symbols of Scorpio, journeying from the spider, through the ground dwelling Scorpion with the sting, to the soaring eagle and finally the hi

Lift Up Your Life – A ritual for the solstice

Dear Friends, It seems very appropriate to (finally) be sharing my first lesson in lifting up your life with you, on the eve of the Summer Solstice and on the longest day of the year. The solstice is the first day of summer, when we are tilted closest to the sun. Its a fire festival! This week we also have a new moon in my astrological sign of Cancer (happening very early on the morning of the 24th) and I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the 25th; all are times when we can us

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