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Witch Crafts – How to make a New Moon Body Scrub


Scorpio is a water sign – and salt has been used for clearing negative energy for hundreds of years – so the idea of symbolically cleansing away anything that no longer serving us in a new moon ritual shower or bath seemed perfect for the November workshop.

To make yours, you’ll need:

A pretty jar with a lid

Coconut Oil

Epsom Salts (we used lavender scented)

Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt (we used a mixture of both)

A few drops of your favourite essential oil

To make:

In a bowl, combine your salts and Epsom salts then add in enough coconut oil to coat the salt. I used 4 tablespoons for our group of 11 people. Sprinkle in your essential oil and mix well, before spooning into your jar. You can also add flowers or herbs, or even a favourite crystal to charge the salt.

If you’re doing this as part of a new moon ritual, you can also write down your intentions or list of things you wish to leave behind (think behaviours or patterns that no longer serve you) and leave it in your jar overnight.

How to use:

At the new moon, take some time to take a shower or bath, with the intention that it cleanses your energy as you step into a new cycle. Focus on your intentions and all that you wish to leave behind as you use the scrub (which will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft!) and visualise the clearing of old, stagnant energy before stepping out, renewed!

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