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How to start working with the magic of the Moon

Friday’s last new moon of the year in the Sagittarius the Archer is the perfect time to start your own practice of working with the lunar cycles. Not sure how to load up that bow and get that arrow pointing in the right direction? Read on!

The moon takes around 29.5 days to complete one cycle from new moon to new moon, passing through it’s waxing, full and waning phases. Each phase has it’s own energy, and you might find that you naturally tune in to them, without even realising it!

A great place to start, is by keeping track of each phase and observing how you feel. Grab a notebook or journal on Friday evening  (the moon will be new at 7.10am) and reflect on how you’ve felt during the past few days.

In the lead up to a new moon – the dark moon phase – we are naturally introspective. It’s a time when we pause to reflect and give ideas time to take shape (making it a fantastic time to meditate and get really clear on what it is you need or want) before we begin a fresh  cycle. You might feel more tired or sleepy than usual, and a little low on energy. Take some time to listen in to your body and schedule some rest and self care if you can.

Keep going throughout the lunar cycle with this practice of tuning in – you can use an app to track the phases – and notice  how your energy (and mood) changes as the moon waxes and wanes. Do you begin to feel more lively and ready for action as the moon is new and waxing towards full? How does a full moon feel? Many of us will get very little sleep around the full moon. Full moons are often hugely emotional too, triggering an outburst of feeling or bringing emotions to the surface to be healed. The full moon is a wonderful opportunity to release and let go of what’s holding us back – observe what comes up for you! As the moon starts to wane we’re gearing up for it’s metaphorical ‘death’ and rebirth. Take a look back through your journal now and reflect on the themes of the cycle for you emotionally and physically, and use them as a starting point for the next cycle. Where were your high (and low) points? Did you observe any emotional or physical release that you might not otherwise have been aware of? What triggered it? Most importantly, how would you like to FEEL during the next cycle? What do you need to do to feel that way?

Write all of this down as it comes to you during the dark moon phase, and without even realising it, you’ve just set your new moon intentions for January! Repeat this each month and see where 2019 takes you!

Working with the moon is a wonderful process of self-reflection – getting to know ourselves, our needs and desires, and our shadows – that helps us create the life we  want.

Shoot your arrow for the moon on Friday, and let me know where it lands.

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