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Full Moon Magic – Claim your Power

Humans are lunar. We are tidal. We are made of stardust and minerals and water and we are pushed and pulled by the energy of the Moon. As she shines on us, we can harness the energy of her phases to nurture and create ideas and visions when she is new; then release, purify and cleanse as she is full. We can cast Moon Magic.

When the Moon is new we are working with her energy on manifestation. When she is full (as she will be tomorrow) we are working with purification. This is a time to look inwards at what no longer serves us and release this energy. We are cleansed, ready to move forward.

July’s Full Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn and it’s light is sending us love. Self love. Loving ourselves enough (just as we are) to walk authentically in our truth and accept ourselves as the wonderful, unique beings that we are. It will show us the obstacles and behaviours that are holding us back and if we let it, allow us to release ourselves from these to take charge of our lives. It’s going to give us the confidence to create the experiences we want by reminding us that we have the power. A cosmic push to remind us that self love is our power and with it we can work miracles. We just need to believe.

Tomorrow evening, claim your power. Stand under Luna’s light and let it illuminate you. The real you. Inside. What do you see in those moonbeams? Look hard, be brave. What is the moonlight illuminating in you that is no longer serving you? Shine a light on the habits and behaviours that are holding you back. Identify them. Accept them. Release them. What wonderful, unique,  magical things is she illuminating? Visualise her bright white light filling you up and beaming your power out from your heart chakra into the universe. With this spinning energy of self love in our hearts, we will make magic happen.

Begin with a ritual. Light a white candle for purity and spirituality and make your space sacred. You can smudge with sage or just create a calm, tranquil space with your candle, any crystals you have and peaceful music. Meditate on the candle for a few minutes and bring your awareness fully to the moment. Focus your energy. Visualise that spinning ball of white energy rising inside you and beaming your magic out. Reach inward and draw out 3 things that are no longer serving you. Write them down. Burn them, one by one, in the flame of the candle (remembering to have something to catch falling sparks and ashes in) and visualise letting them go.Say out loud “I release what no longer serves me”. Say thank you to the Universe and the Moon. Leave the candle to burn down as you reflect and begin to plan.

The 2 weeks from full to new Moon are a time for reflection, contemplation and the stirrings of new ideas. What will you create from this spinning ball of self love energy? Make a vision board, write down your beautiful ideas and plans, meditate on them. Rest and recharge your energy for the New Moon, when it will be time to begin the process of manifesting these wonderful plans by setting intentions.

Our power is within. Claim it. Make Magic.

Kitsch Witch

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